Disclosure: None of the information on these pages is classified, all of it is readily searchable on Google and there have been many books published about the Manhattan Project and the National Laboratory system.

While working for government contractors under the Department of Energy (DOE), I never held a security clearance, andBeagle-4 therefore never entered secure locations nor had access to secure documentation. All of the locations prohibited cameras without prior permission, so I do not have any pictures of my own. Nevertheless, as part of my duties at various locations, I had access to information that some readers may find disturbing. I also had conversations with various sources in these locations, sources whom I will not divulge, but I also cannot vouch for everything they told me, either.

Many of the activities occurred decades ago, in the ’40s and ’50s, although Beagle experimentation was conducted well into the 1990s and perhaps continues today.

The Rachel Maddow Show March 19, 2012: She is reporting, as an exclusive, the efforts of the United States National Nuclear Security Administration, which is charged with retrieving nuclear material scattered over the globe by President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” initiative in the 1950s. Got me thinking….

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