UPDATE: We lost our precious baby in April, 2023, shortly after his third birthday. Our hearts were broken, as was hundreds of others who had followed his story, bought his book, Prince Tadpole and Princess Clara, and had met him in person. We will never forget him, and have dedicated all proceeds from his book to Roice-Hurst Humane Society. His veterinarian gave him one of the highest honors: “I felt privileged and honored to be his vet, an experience few get to have, or treasure.”

A few days after New Year’s, two cats showed up in our neighborhood: a calico and a gray. We live in an older suburb. To the south of us are hundreds of open acres owned by the county or the Bureau of Land Management—home to coyotes, foxes, several kinds of raptors, and the occasional bear or mountain lion. It’s a tough neighborhood for stray cats.

Both of these cats, however, appeared well-fed and from all appearances hadn’t been outside for long. I posted pictures on Facebook pages, took the pictures around to neighbors on adjoining streets. Nobody recognized or claimed them. Both cats were very skeptical about making human friends; it took me and a neighbor several weeks to gain their trust. By then we knew they were female, and we also knew they were pregnant. They might have been pregnant when they showed up

Cali (the calico) had three kittens in the neighbor’s shed. They did not hesitate to take her and the kittens into their home, where they are now—happy and healthy.

That left the gray. She would disappear for days on end. My neighbor and I were very concerned, calling, texting: Have you seen her? NO! Hope the coyotes haven’t got her! (And by now coyotes have hungry spring pups to feed). Read more…